More options, happy clients, fast payouts.

(Pick three.)


Why realtors are registering with Agile Homes


REALTORS, now there are more ways to happy clients than MLS. Realtors know that buying or building new can get their clients exactly the house they want at the price they can afford–all without the hassles of buying a “used” home.

Smooth process from start to finish

Instead of driving from location to location, your clients can find just the right floor plans and customizations in under an hour.

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All prices are set and displayed up front. What you see is what you pay–no back and forth.

If your clients choose an Agile home, we have a great process to communicate with buyer, agent, and builder. And throughout the 90-day building process, the superintendent will personally call to check in with the buyer each week.

No surprises for your clients (or you)

There are no pricing surprises. The price you see on your contract is the price you pay.

Every Agile home comes with a brand new roof, HVAC system, plumbing system and electrical system. If any issues are found within 12 months of move-in, we fix it. No delays or excuses. Unlike “used,” there’s no need for you to play part-time contractor to make sure your clients are happy with the house.

With an Energy Smart home, there are no monthly utility bill surprises.

Fast payouts 

Just like a “used” home, we pay a full 3% commission. The difference is that half is paid within 10 days of the contract (written by the seller’s agent) and the rest at closing.

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